Macy's Shopping Trip

A Fun Trip to Macy's

I had an unexpected and pleasant surprise just the other day. What originally was just on my errand list, returning a product I had purchased at Macy's, turned out to be a fun shopping trip. My son wanted to go to the mall was well, he needed to go to a couple of places, so he was with me and we split up but had our cell phones. So I just returned my item, and told him I probably wouldn't be too long.

It turned out to be a wonderful time for me! I thought to go check out the floor where I would buy clothes if I were looking (which I wasn't in the market for, I had bought too much recently). I actually was there because of looking for a restroom, which the lady in the perfume department told me was upstairs, on my favorite floor anyway. This was smart of a Macy's employee, because it kept me in the store, and I knew there was one also just in the mall.

So I proceeded to my favorite section, and saw their sale racks. I didn't intend to buy anything, as I don't need anything right now. However, one way I justified it was that my son was still in the mall, and I can always use work clothes at a very good deal. My thought was, if I find a deal beyond all deals, then I can part with maybe a little bit of money for something I will need long term anyway. I could wear the nice clothes to work and church, etc.

So I found one top, then another blouse, then another. I ended up trying on many things, and I kid you not, I found so many nice items! I love that they have those little scanners throughout the store, because I realized my good deals, were really even better, and they were still getting around to marking them down! So I went to the next section, then the next. I found another top, then another.

Turns out, that at the counter, when I had a huge handful of items, I was told that if I use my Macy's card, I could get an extra 20 percent off! I was so sold on this. I don't carry my Macy's card, but I have one, so they looked me up and gave me the discount. I was so happy.

This isn't the first time something like this happened to me at Macy's, and that I spent a chunk of money there because of it. I just thought it was a one time event, that I never could get so lucky again! Turns out, I did get lucky again, and I am so happy because I think it was a win win for all. Macy's got some of my money I had no intention of parting with, and I got some nice tops for work that can use for a long time to come. Its smart of them during a hard time economically in this country. People maybe aren't spending too much, but Macy's did something right because I bought there. Thanks Macy's, and to anyone wondering, no I am not an employee there, nor do I have a relative that is, etc. I just love Macy's. Just like I love Dillard's for when their jewelry goes on sale! Happy to share my super fun shopping experience that leaves me with a feel good feeling many days after.